Kevin Spacey Preyed On Skateboarders | “I just kept it to myself. Turns out, Berra did know because he had his own story about him… “


The avalanche of big name sexual predators in Hollywood and the Government continue to fall. Kevin Spacey is just one of the offenders and Dom Deluca, owner of the legendary Brooklyn Projects, as well as Steve Berra were both affected. Dom gave his account of his 1997 encounter with Spacey in the back of his store to The Berrics and it’s pretty trippy.



“It’s his word against mine, who would believe me? So, I’m just standing there, and he’s looking at me. He’s looking at me like I’m Sunday’s dinner. For the first time in my life, I felt like a victim. I was actually scared; like I said, this was Keyser Soze. People don’t realize the kind of presence this dude has, the kind of power a guy like this wields. He didn’t win an Oscar for nothing. I felt like I was prey. I grew up in a really tough neighborhood in Brooklyn. I’ve been shot. I’ve been stabbed. I’ve never been afraid of getting into fights. But I really felt helpless.”



Click to THE BERRICS for the full story of Kevin Spacey’s sexual harassment from Dom Deluca of Brooklyn Projects




To those of you who have never heard of Kevin Spacey’s abuse of power and sordid sexual assaults on both gay and straight men you’ve probably been surprised by seeing his very fast fall from grace as one of the world’s most important and powerful actors as the stories unfold. After the Harvey Weinstein news, it was only a matter of time before more people were exposed such as Spacey. Dominic DeLuca, of the famed Brooklyn Projects, shortly after his arrival into Los Angeles and just after he opened up his first shop, has been silent about his experience with Kevin Spacey until today. Please go to to read the full article and interview about how Keven Spacey’s predatory behavior even touched into the world we love so much, skateboarding, and how you can shed the stigma of sexual assault and speak out if it’s happened to you. – sb

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