josh stewart pontus alv get born skateboard interview

Josh Stewart is the king of the independent underground New York skateboard scene. That may seem ultra niche, but as mainstream skateboarding grows so does the cooler, smaller sector. Get Born Magazine recently linked up with Josh to talk about his Theories of Atlantis distribution and much more…


“Josh Stewart is the founder of New York-based distribution company, Theories Of Atlantis. TOA is a highly intuitive skate collective that navigates creativity, independence, and artistic value within skateboarding culture. We interviewed Josh to explore the depths of his company, his perspective on the brands that they sell, and why keeping underground skateboarding alive is important.”


Get Born talked with Josh about the New York cool guy scene, independent skateboarding, judging your self-worth by social media, distributing indie brands, and much more. Here’s a tiny taste:

Do you think that the only way an independent skateboarding company can exist is because there’s such a big industry to go up against?

I wouldn’t say it’s the ONLY way, but it helps put it into perspective. I think it took a full decade of the corporatization of major brands and watching skate companies get bought and sold like the stock market for skaters to realize and appreciate the value of an independent, skater-owned brand. So yeah, I think it realistically helps to have that duality. Those two different paradigms kind of feed off each other, especially with skateboarding going into the Olympics—which obviously sucks in a lot of ways—but when it does happen, I think it’s only going to make the “underground” street skating side of things stronger. 


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