Jim Greco and Bam Margera may have more in common with each other the closer one looks. Boil The Ocean is back with another thought provoking essay on the inner workings of the skate industry after the latest interview with Bam who seems to be off the booze and lurking around Southern Spain with a skateboard and Jim Greco’s last lonely skate opus.

Always worth a read.


“Years of hard living long past, his feet still have spark to dazzle on those brick banks and red curbs. There is a pork chop. Lengthy stretches of lonesome silence leave viewers wondering — is Jim Greco, man of a thousand looks, finding peace with himself?

I wake up every morning, I make my coffee, I go skating—there isn’t much of a deviation around this that’s worth talking about. My life is skateboarding. And waking up and staying sober and skating.”

Joining Jim Greco in skate-centric, substance-free life re-leasing is gothic SSBSTS tipster and flying tree-hugger Bam Margera, who this week described to Jenkem how he has pushed away the bottle to pursue some type of low-profile skate pilgrimage through southern Spain.”


Click over to BOIL THE OCEAN for their essay on “Greco and Bam Inside the Recompression Tank”




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