The ‘Real’ Real Jeremy Jones along with P.O.W are taking on the worlds most dangerous planet hating man: President-Elect Donald Trump. And they are doing this on his home turf… TWITTER!

Seriously, this is the world we now live in.

The only thing more comical than the Don actually being in charge of America is if BM Jeremy Jones got in a verbal debate with jibber Jeremy Jones who is a hard right Republican, so presumably voted Trump. Remember when he raised many liberal eyebrows in the shred world back in the day with his vocal support of George Bush and war back in this 2003 TWSnow interview. It all started with “Kill Iraq” stickers…


Let’s talk politics: you’re quite the patriot.

Yeah, I suppose—I’m proud to be an American.

Republican or a democrat?

I’m a republican the majority of the time—that’s what I claim, anyway. They both have really good aspects and positions I don’t agree with.

You had a bumper sticker on your board saying “Bomb Iraq” last winter.

At the U.S. Open I had some stickers made that read “Kill Iraq,” and I got a lot of heat for it. I had some hate e-mail and letters were sent to Burton from people who were pissed off about it. I also had a lot of good response from kids who wanted to buy them. That’s not necessarily how I felt—but I was trying to make a strong statement.

How did you feel when we failed to find biological weapons?

I don’t know … I’m a Bush supporter. I’m a presidential supporter—anyone who would put himself in that position needs all the support they can get. I guess that’s my role, I’m playing the supporter. When it comes election time, if I feel like he isn’t cutting it, I’ll vote for someone else.


So let’s see it: Jeremy Jones VS. Jeremy Jones. Two goofy footers debating Trump and politics and how the jibber Jeremy Jones is still going to have a career when all the snow is gone!


“It remains to be seen how successful the Protect Our Winters campaign will be when faced with opposition that’s so staunch, powerful, and belligerent. Sadly, the full facts about climate change, and the hard evidence required to convince people that they should be concerned, will not be available until it’s too late.”


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