A skateboarding party is not something we ever really care about. But when it is a release party for an actual paper bound book/magazine and it’s for JENKEM, well we make an exception. More so to get your attention to pre-order Jenkem Vol. 2 right now. On another note, why are LA skate industry events so damn dull while NYC ones actually look like a good time? Is it because BA is more likely to show on the east coast?



To celebrate pushing Jenkem Vol. 2 out our mental birth canals, we threw a party with nude figure drawing, sketchy homemade nutcrackers, and custom printed matchboxes, toilet paper, and, to keep everyone safe, condoms.

Vol. 2 is our second book made with our boys at Converse, and compared to the the first, this one’s bigger (meaning 300+ pages of shit), bolder (meaning more gags), and betterer (meaning ALL 100% never before seen content). We know it’s a little crazy for a website to be printing anything, but some things are worth savoring in your hands, and we only printed so many so get that preorder in while you can.




Click to JENKEM for the mayhem of their VOL. 2 pre-release party



Click to purchase JENKEM VOL. 2






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