jenkem print magazine vol 1

Jenkem the most fabulous skateboard website is taking a step right into the future by going to PRINT!

No, no, wait. I mean they are taking 12-steps backwards into time by going to paper. Err, channeling their inner 90’s by going print?

To be honest who knows what websites deciding to go to a binded copy these days means. I think it’s cool as fuck and I hope it means they won’t go out of business. Naw, looks like they have CONS paying for this one.

If you get down with the pre-order, which ships Aug. 8th, you’ll be blessed with a free Jenkem pin set and sticker pack. The 224 page, hardcover book will feature the best of Jenkem so far, along with a shit ton of new content made exclusively for the book.

Get into it over on JENKEM VOL.1  here and support.


Also if you preorder, you may be stuntin’ like this…..

Casual reading at the Jenkem Vol. 1 prerelease party last week. More photos up on da site 💦 #jenkemvol1

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