As it has been pointed out before Burton loves them some collabs with dead guys (easier to get deals done), but this time they did a nice little split using the totally alive powers of Jeff Koons who looked to the deceased designs of Plato for inspiration. Mr. Koons – if you aren’t aware – has more money than nearly any other artist in the world and has the record for creating, “the most expensive work by a living artist sold at auction,” at $58.4 million. And now Burton has him designing snowboards. WOO! Could this be the redemption song for B creative Greg Dacyshyn? I believe so!

Jokes aside this is a sick project for many reasons. Number one is that Jeff Koons actually loves to snowboard now…


“There’s this sense of vastness that overcomes you,” Mr. Koons said. “It’s an extremely philosophical, transcendent sport. You really feel connected to something much, much vaster than yourself. There’s a sense of space and time as very vast.”


After Mr. Koons and Mr. Carpenter became friends, a new snowboard was born. Called the Philosopher, it marries Mr. Koons’s artistic skills and Mr. Carpenter’s technical finesse. In his design, Mr. Koons included a likeness of Plato and a rendering of the allegory of the cave (from Plato’s “Republic”).


Jeff Koons even gets more philosophical than the most seasoned snowboarder as, ‘he described how the act of planting both feet on a single board encourages a physical and spiritual convergence.‘ Now that’s deep.

The other reason this is a fantastic collaboration is that only 50 boards were made and they are being auctioned off at $5000 each with all proceeds going to Burton’s Chill Foundation. Kudos boys.


Click to The New York Times for the whole story of Jeff Koons Designing a Snowboard for Burton.



Had an amazing day at #Burton headquarters with Greg and Ann-Marie. Thank you @jakeburton77 and @donnacarpenter

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