Jake Kuzyk may be the ultimate “skateboarders” snowboarder. That’s a pretty big compliment. Over the course of filming his own video parts the last couple winters Jake also filmed and edited the Antisocial video. A true threat on both sides of the lens.


How do you balance that with filming snowboarding in the winter.

In the winter, I didn’t do anything. When winter came, I wouldn’t work on the Antisocial video at all. I would completely stop. We wouldn’t even film anything, because there wasn’t really anyone else filming for it. So, we’d go through periods all winter where nothing would happen and then the next summer would come around and I’d try to meet up with everyone as best as I could and keep filming. It was kind of hard. Everyone in the skate video moved away from Vancouver, kind of right when we started it and they lived in in different cities throughout Canada at different points, so that was kind of hard. But, it didn’t really affect the times where I would be filming for my video part in the winter. Maybe a little bit in the summer when we’d be trying to do extra snowboard trips to places, that was when it was hard, because I’d want to go to Hood and everything else, but there’d also be trips planned to Montreal to film for the Antisocial video. So, that was kind of a juggle. Definitely busy all year-round while I was doing it. Really busy.


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