How many iconic skateboard imaged has J. Grant Brittain created over the years? Millions?

Now the legendary skate photographer has an interview up on the site that goes deepest with the realest people in skateboarding, the Chrome Ball Incident. Check it out. He has shoot all the great from Tony Hawk and the boys in the Del Mar Skate Ranch days to rippers today.



“As a photographer, is style always better to shoot over technicality? Or is that the challenge? Which do you prefer?

I’ve always liked style because it never goes away. A stylish photo from 30 years ago still stands out today whereas what was cutting-edge tech back then doesn’t have that same luxury.

I’m actually working on a book right now and I’m not going to include many sequences, so I guess that’s your answer. I’ll have a few, like the McTwist. But I find myself more interested in those photos showcasing some form of classic style. Those are the ones that stand out for me.”


Click to CHROME BALL for the interview with J. Grant Brittain





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