Is surfing finally – after many many decades – finally becoming more stylish (out of the water)?

It seems maybe. Gucci Man has taken Italian stud surfer under their wing to become a brand ambassador alongside Jared Leto and Tom Hiddleston and snowboardings own GucciGhost. Quiksilver doesn’t seem to mind as it’s a completely different thing and he won’t be rolling any stickers. Although he kind of gets around this by disguising the “Gucci stripe” color way on his board as the Italian flag colors. Very sneaky!


Stab got the lowdown from Leo:

As it turns out, Marco Bizzari, the CEO of Gucci’s son surfs. So, when Italy’s finest surfer, Leo Fioravanti, made the world stage, Bizzari arranged for him and his son to meet Leo in Milan for dinner.

“It’s Italian culture to dress elegantly for dinner and I’ve made it a habit of getting dressed up when I go out,” Leo told Stab.

After this meeting they asked him to become an ambassador.


Here is a bit of PR from BURO247:

Named the new face of Gucci Man, Fioravanti joins Jared Leto and Tom Hiddleston in fronting the fragrance. Expect to see Fioravanti in shoots dressed head-to-toe in Gucci jewellery, classic menswear pieces and suits, which were just showcased at the Italian brand’s co-ed collection show for Spring/Summer ’18 during Milan Fashion Week



Click to STAB MAG for more on Leo Fioravanti becoming Gucci’s latest brand ambassador.




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