Is Thirst for Snowboarding Threatening Our Environment?

As snowboarders it feels like we are one with the environment and not out there willingly killing it. Hiking and sliding around enjoying the fruits of mother natures beauty. But are we?

Sure no one floats through life with zero impact, but perhaps we are worst than others. Ski resorts in general, more travel, toxic equipment, blah, blah, blah.

Whistler Blackcomb is putting out a series that look at the big questions of snowboarders versus the environment.


“Is our thirst for adventure threatening our environment?

As global weather systems continue to shift, skiers, snowboarders and ski areas acknowledge their impact on the environment that they are trying to preserve. What steps can we take to ensure the same opportunities are there for the next generation of mountain lovers?”

Part one of The Big Picture Documentaries, a four-part series exploring big questions:
P1: Conflicted Obsessions – Is our thirst for adventure threatening our environment?
P2: Tech Trap – What if kids stopped playing outside?
P3: Pushing the boundaries – Is the pull of the backcountry pushing our limits?
P4: Survive or thrive – What’s the future of ski resorts?

Presented by: Whistler Blackcomb and TELUS
Produced by: Switchback Entertainment, Whistler Blackcomb, and Origin Design & Communications