Instagram and the Internet in general has had a huge impact on every facet of snowboarding. Magazines, brands, advertising, and especially photography. Can anyone make a living off snowboard photography now that everyone is an Instagram “photographer”? Pyramid Mag dived right in and talked to some of the industries leading photogs their thoughts about if the Internet is killing snowboard photography.



“Listen, there are many others ways to earn more than being a snowboard photographer. For me though, the lifestyle outweighs the monetary. This industry and Volcom in particular supports a whole circus of weird, wild and amazingly talented and diverse human beings and it’s a great pleasure to be a part of that.”


How can someone make it as a snowboard photographer now?
“It’s not going to be easy. Basically the only way to earn enough is to shoot for a industry brand. The days of being a freelancer, selling images to magazines etc are pretty much gone I think. Freelancing was the way to gather experience, grow a network and hone your skills while earning enough to survive before hopefully working your way up to a staff photographer position. It’s a big step from beginner to staffer and many young hopefuls can’t make that jump.”



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