The world wants to know if the seas are making us sick, so our favorite ‘surf magazine’ the New York Times looked to surfers to answer that question.

There is a biochemist by the name of Cliff Kapono who is doing research all over the world in an attempt to find out if being in the water is putting us in harms way of antibiotic resistant bacteria. The interest part about this – besides the actual part about us maybe putting our lives on the line in the water – is that Cliff also goes by the name ‘Bruddah Cliff’ and is an absolutely ripping surfer. And the places he is researching the water… well obviously it’s in places with world class waves.


“On a recent trip, Cliff Kapono hit some of the more popular surf breaks in Ireland, England and Morocco. He’s proudly Native Hawaiian and no stranger to the hunt for the perfect wave. But this time he was chasing something even more unusual: microbial swabs from fellow surfers.

Mr. Kapono, a 29-year-old biochemist earning his doctorate at the University of California, San Diego, heads up the Surfer Biome Project, a unique effort to determine whether routine exposure to the ocean alters the microbial communities of the body, and whether those alterations might have consequences for surfers — and for the rest of us.”

The article is full of all kinds of interesting information about organisms, we are just focusing on how Cliff has found a great way to surf the worlds best waves and possibly save lives in the name of science and getting barreled. Next up in his research… the South Pacific and the great lefts of Chile.

“Mr. Kapono has taken samples from surfers in California and Hawaii; surfers in the South Pacific are next. He is mulling a trip to Chile to conduct field work at Punta de Lobos. The rural location may yield some unique microbes.”


Click over to THE NEW YORK TIMES to find out if the seas are making us sick.




Bruddah Cliff getting shacked in Hawaii all in the name of research obviously.


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