“NEVER!” Says us. But we are in our 30’s and have thousands of pounds of old skate, snow, and surf magazines in our parents basement. Not exactly todays target demographic. Still, we hope not.

Lucas Beaufort also falls in this category and is doing something about it with his upcoming documentary DEVOTED. (More information here.) Jenkem caught up with Lucas to get more words on the current state of print media. After interviewing the most influential skateboard media types while making his doc if anyone should know the secrets it is Lucas.


“Lucas Beaufort has spent the last year putting together a documentary focusing on the importance of print media in skateboarding, and has gotten a chance to talk to some of the OG industry heads, pro skaters, and photographers who have made these mags so iconic. He hopes to prove that print is not dying, as many have argued, and that instead it just needs some shaking up and restructuring. We picked his brain to find out what he learned from the making of this doc, and how he thinks print can survive alongside the digital skate media world we inhabit today.” – Alexis Castro


Why did now seem like the right time to produce this documentary?
I’m 35 years old. I grew up surrounded by magazines. At that time every month was a gift. I had a subscription to Sugar Magazine [a French skateboard magazine], and it was so important to me. 20 years later in 2016, I realized how much print has influenced my life. I felt the need to pay a tribute to people who spent their life documenting skateboarding. For this documentary, I filmed 42 people during 10 months. People gave their all. It was something that I will never forget. In it, I focused on 3 periods. The 90’s, because I grew up at this period. The second period is the Internet era. The third one is the future of print media. 

As a documentarian and skate fan, what are the most common mistakes you think skateboard mags and media are making today?
Common mistakes would be:
– Saying yes to everything.
– Pleasing advertisers at any cost.
– Hiding the truth.
– Trying to compete with social media.
– Talking about news that you’ve read 3 months ago on Instagram.
– Thinking that kids don’t wanna read.


The man speaks the truth! We could pick out 100 other pull quotes, but the whole interview is worth reading if you value skateboard culture and media and the role it all plays.

If you watch one movie in 2017 make sure it is Devoted. Now go buy a magazine!


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