Is Occy the ‘Most Punch-in-the-Face-able’ Surf Personality? | Surf Splendor Podcast answers the deep questions


We’ve been a little unsure of Occy since he farted in our friends general direction, but man he must have been fun to party with back in the day. Not sure he really deserves to be called out as the surf personality you’d most want to punch in the face even if he does have a perma-smug look on his face. That’s not our call though, it was trash surf prose mastermind Chas Smith’s, who is back on the Surf Splendor Podcast. We’re already laughing even though we haven’t had time to listen yet. The site does a good job of wrapping up all the details they talked about including the rumor of Adam Sandler buying SURFER, if asymmetrical surfboards work, puka shell necklaces, and more.


Click to listen to this week’s SURF SPLENDOR PODCAST w/ David Scales + Chas Smith



Getting Chas dialed on an asymm @albumsurf #Grit @reportsfromhell

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