We’ve been pretty over Instagram for some time now and all the outdoor wannabe influencers that can’t seem to do a damn thing without documenting it. That means you #Vanlifers and everyone else. Especially those that include any kind of geotag or even minute description of where they are getting waves. Don’t do it. The old adage “Leave only footprints and take only photos” does NOT apply anymore. Photography, influencers, and Instagram are ruining the outdoors, blowing out secret spots, and more. Just ask the New York Times.



Sorry, Instagrammers. You are ruining Wyoming.

Last week, the Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board asked visitors to stop geotagging photographs on social media in an effort to protect the state’s pristine forests and remote lakes. Explaining the campaign, Brian Modena, a tourism-board member, suggested the landscape was under threat from visitors drawn by the beautiful vistas on Instagram.

Delta Lake, a remote refuge surrounded by the towering Grand Tetons, has become “a poster child for social media gone awry,” Mr. Modena said in an interview last week. “Influencers started posting from the top of the lake. Then it started racing through social media.” (Influencers, if you don’t know, are people with huge social media followings who sometimes make a living posting about places and products.)

A few years ago, one or two hikers a day would make the nine-mile trek up to Delta Lake. Now, he said, as many as 145 people are hiking there each day to shoot engagement photos and hawk health supplements. Little-known trails are heavily trafficked and eroding in some places, taxing park resources.

“We want people to have a real connection to nature,” Mr. Modena said, “not just a page with a pin on it.”




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