Anytime Ted Barrow aka @Feedback_TS gets some skateboard media love we point you that way. Why? Because he has perhaps the greatest Instagram account out there right now. He also has a fabulous outlook on skateboarding and art and describes it all with a wicked sense of humor. TWSkate are fans as well and got a great interview out of him.



Give me the background on why and how you started reviewing skate clips on Instagram?
Like all brilliant things, it came from a stupid inside joke in a group chat. My buddy Dean (@batcitylegend) sent us a clip of himself doing a heelflip at House Park in Austin, TX, and his trick choice complimented his clothing: light blue jeans and Vans Old Skool’s. So I sent him a clip where I reviewed both, and realized that maybe more than our small stew of intense Texan skate nerdery would be into it.

The notion that skateboarding needs a critic is, of course, absurd. Skateboarding speaks for itself, and doesn’t need a commentator. With Instagram, however, when we post skateboarding clips, we are, even if subconsciously, looking for feedback, or approval. That’s why comments exist. I figured I would follow this condition to its logical conclusion, and nominate myself the critic. It’s something I am uniquely qualified to do. I’m very good at bullshit.



Click to TRANSWORLD SKATEBOARDING for the interview with Ted Barrow the Instagram skateboard critic





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