Do you remember when an almost unknown Canadian blogger from the middle of nowhere aka Saskatoon stole some of the power of the mainstream media for his website called YOUWILLSOON. His name was Dan Watson and from 2004 – 2008 or so Steve Berra barely even got any sleep due to his constant state of fury over YouWillSoon blog posts. It wasn’t only the kooky Steve Berra that was being called out, but anyone in the skateboard industry that deserved to be called out. Internet at it’s finest churning out skate industry gossip. This is where SLAP board rumors became published pieces of glory.

The Solo skate crew over in Germany caught up with Dan, who has moved on from the blog but still skates and lives in Saskatoon, to get the lowdown. He calls out everyone from Marc Johnson and Eric Koston to Ty Evans, and professes his love for Alex Olson and others. It’s a great read…


There’s so much stuff going on nowadays and I wonder what you think about it. One big thing was Mike Carroll against Marc Johnson or the corporate against core thing.

I though that Mike Carroll and Marc Johnson thing was awesome. I was eating it up. It was great. I’ve never liked Marc Johnson and I think I’ve talked about that on the blog before. He’s an amazing skateboarder. You can’t deny that but I never thought that he was cool or smart or funny. How many times can you make a stupid face with a cigarette hanging out your mouth? So when this thing started I thought: “Oh man this is hilarious!” There were two parts of it and one part was amazing, because Carroll was a G for doing that, but on the other hand it’s also funny watching these two grown people fight who probably have never learned how to deal with things in real life. I love Carroll though, I think he’s like a rad dude and one of the best skaters of all time. And the whole corporate thing didn’t really bother me. I don’t care about that. Marc Johnson said he’d never do it and then he did itl big deal. It was just funny how it played out. I still like that stuff, like the weird drama and the juicy gossip. It’s fun. I love Alex Olson. I love what he’s doing. I love him quitting Girl, and then going on 3D, and then quitting 3D before it really started, and then starting his own company. I’d say this was one of my favorite stories in skateboarding in a long time. And he’s killing it now. When he quit Girl everyone was like “Are you insane? You don’t quit Girl.” And now Girl is not in the best shape, right? I mean they’re having a bit of a struggle. And then they are like “Dude, why’d you quit Brian Anderson’s company? That’s going to be the best company ever!” It wasn’t a good company. I love Brian Anderson, but that company was terrible. I couldn’t believe how bad that company was. And then he’s got Bianca Chandon and now 917 is killing it. He makes people so mad. I mean people either love him or they hate him. People are like “Why are you make this stupid t-shirt and charging $150 for it?!” I love that.


Alright, and the last one then. Eric Koston.

I think Eric Koston is a kook. I mean he proved himself as one of the biggest kooks of all time, which is crazy. He was also one of my favorite skateboarders with Steve Berra. I thought he was the sickest. But social media is crazy, man. Imagine it’s 1995 and you are watching Mouse and someone told you that one day you’re going to have a phone which is going to be the size of a calculator and it’s basically a computer and can do anything. And on this computer phone there’s a program where people put photos on and hope that people will like them and talk about them. And on this program on your computer phone Eric Koston proves to be the biggest kook of all time. And you’re watching Mouse and you’re like “This makes no sense”, right? But social media comes along and he just goes off on all these little kids, man. He’s the worst.


Click over to SOLO SKATE MAG for the full YOUWILLSOON interview with Dan Watson



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