The Smiling Bag is the latest arthouse surf flick from og surf ‘blogger’ Dion Agius. He’d probably hate that description because he was doing shit on the Internet that was rad wayyy before it became cliche and annoying. Now he’s ahead of the trend again and has already turned his back on the on-line.

This being said The Smiling Bag won’t be available on the world wide web. Want to see it? (Yes, you do.) Dion has already premiered it at all the coolest shops across Europe, nearly killing himself in the process. And now he’s doing it in North America. In fact I watched it at General Admission on Friday night. It’s strange and beautiful. You could also do it old school and email , send a few bucks over and get a hard copy to do your own damn premiere. 

This quote pretty much sums it up:

“I really didn’t know what I was doing, but I just kept fucking around until I figured it out. I really like that stuff.”


Here is a little bit more insight from the artist known as the surfer Dion:

So The Smiling Bag seems like it came out of nowhere. How long have you been working on this thing?

I’ve completely lost track. It feels like it’s been ten years in the making, but really it’s just the last two or three. It’s funny because when we’re working on film projects, we go on so many trips and get to work with so many amazing folks, but 90 percent of that footage never sees the light of day. The idea with The Smiling Bag was to take all this unused footage and make something interesting out of it. At first, I was just going to make an edit to give to everyone I did these trips with, just to remember those times and how much fun it’s been. But then I just kept working on it and it kind of became a bigger thing.


Click over to SURFER Mag to listen to Dion Agius’ take on his unconventional new project and the reason it won’t live on the web.


The smiling bag. Still coming. Email if you would like a copy.

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