Inside The Oslo, Norway Skateboard Scene


Something about the Northern European skateboard scene really captures the imagination. The cold, dark winters contrasted with free-for-all summers really strikes a cord. Marcus Vik is one of the skaters to watch coming out of Oslo, Norway. Look for him to be partly based in Copenhagen this year. He does into a bit of detail on what the scene is like these days in Oslo.




What were the spots like in your hometown? Were there many local skaters to bring you up?

Since I grew up in this little place we didn’t really have that many spots. But we always skated the sidewalk,everyday! (laughs) That was all we skated for 2 years until we discovered there was a skatepark 10 minutes from our houses.

Alek Østereng was always shredding. I remember I was just a little kid when he did smith grinds and feebles down handrails, stoked to still skate with him now.

Oslo has been getting a fair bit of attention the past couple of years. What makes it so good for skateboarding?

For sure. Norwegian skaters are getting some fame these days. I think that the dude’s styles are a little different to what people are used to seeing, and the spots too, it’s a good match I think. Everyone moves to Oslo, the filmers too, that’s probably why you keep seeing so much footy from here. We need some new handrails I think but apart from that I love it (laughs).

Who do you skate with on a regular basis?

I’m gonna go with the Daze crew, or at least Martin Strøm, I always call him to see what’s up and take it from there. Our friend Alek is a pro snowboarder so he travels a lot, and some of the younger guys go to the Bryggeriet school in Malmø, Sweden. So the crew isn’t always skating together, but now that it’s summertime everyone is here and we’re having the best time.



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