Infamous Skateboard Filmer / Drug Dealer Tells His Story… From Behind Bars!


Let this interview be a lesson that easy money comes at a price as skateboard filmer Dane ‘Morph’ Cook is telling his story from jail.

Apparently it was no secret that as he started to spend less time filming the London skateboard scene he was moving more than the occasional ounce of weed. But the skate scene was shocked when Morph’s house was raided and he was sentenced to almost 7-years behind bars. Listen to Morph recall his journey from innocent skate filmer to hard drug dealer just to, “could live the lifestyle I was used to – just being a skater and having money. When I had a job I was skating and filming at the same time, but after Blueprint went I didn’t have a job so I was trying to make a similar amount of money through filming and selling drugs.”



Early on, it seemed like selling a bit of weed was the way you could fund being a filmer. As in, having no set hours to work or anyone to really answer to meant you could be out there filming pretty much most of the day; it seemed like you had a lot of freedom to some degree – was that the case?
I was working for a lot of the time, you know? I was working in the nursery in Walthamstow and that kind of stopped me from going on trips and stuff, but it was mainly when I got working for Blueprint (in 2008) that I stopped working full time. Obviously no company at that time could afford to pay a filmer the same as what you’d be getting paid working a full time job, so I would sell weed and other things on the side. At that time it was still early on; I was only selling weed and it wasn’t to the scale where I couldn’t go on a trip or something because of it, it was only because I needed to earn money alongside what I was getting paid for filming in order to get by.



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