The pro snowboarder to in-demand Gucci fashion artist story of GucciGhost aka Trevor ‘Trouble’ Andrew has been told a thousand times already. Although it is hard to get sick of. In the short span of time since Gucci creative visionary Alessandro Michele picked Trevor out of relative artistic obscurity has been featured in The New York Times, tagged the Trump Tower, put his clothes on stars like Rihanna, Beyonce, and Elton John, and held a huge opening reception in Gucci’s flagship store on 5th Ave to open New York Fashion Week. Not bad for a dirtbag snowboarder from Nova Scotia.

This article from Highsnobiety looks a little deeper at the artist GucciGhost in action. While Gucci tours Europe they threw a massive party in Berlin and had Trevor not only tag the DJ stand, but also play some music for the Berlin trendsetters.

This was what the scene was like:

“Like guests at a reception, slowly people begin to arrive: Gucci’s marketing team in taxis, a bunch of skaters on board and bikes, and then, eventually, a black Mercedes with tinted windows as the sun sets behind the towering nearby apartment blocks. Out steps GucciGhost, the Canadian former professional snowboarder-turned-NYC skater and graffiti artist who’s just the latest recruit to join the house of Gucci.

The reason why we’re all here is so we can watch the man at work as he designs and decorates said DJ booth for the following night’s party. Held at Gucci’s Berlin flagship out west on the lush Ku’Damm boulevard, the Friday night event will celebrate the release of the new GucciGhost capsule collection that he co-designed. Oh, GucciGhost DJs as well.”


Trevor goes on to mention how he originally got into Gucci by blowing all his contest winnings on jewelry after winning a pro snowboarding contest back in the day. Epic beginnings!


Click over to Highsnobiety for the full profile on GucciGhost aka Trevor Andrew




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