Bali used to be known as a mellow surf paradise. And it is on the outside, once you get past the kids getting locked up for life for buying some weed, surfers and girls getting their drinks spiked (or even ice cream) and being robbed or sexually assaulted, and perhaps the greatest danger, driving a scooter on its crazy roads.

Lucky for us Bali’s main man Tai ‘Buddha’ Graham has a list to stay alive on the roads. Have fun and stay safe…


Javier suffered 17 broken ribs, three displaced vertebrae and a torn aorta, which pumped 1.5 litres of blood into his right lung. The 50-year-old father of two was uninsured and after a bad experience at a hospital in Bali’s capital Denpasar, the decision was made by his girlfriend to arrange for an air ambulance to take him to Perth at a cost of $AUD47,500. They’re still trying to pay off the bill. It’s an all too common story, says Buddha. 

“I’ve had to get a phone call from some random dude, saying (that my friend’s) in hospitable, he’s unrecognisable,” Buddha says. “We have to get in there to move them from the local ward to the international ward of the hospital. It’s a tough one over here. If there’s no money to pay for it they’re not gonna operate until they get that credit card or travel insurance. It’s a dangerous combo with that sort of thing.”


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