It’s with articles like this that Ozzie Wright just keeps getting more wrong. We mean, right. Right. Oz man’s touch is always gold. This portrait makes me laugh and simultaneously makes me want to hang a 7-ft version on my living room wall.




There’s a common belief in modern society that to be a truly great artist one must suffer from anxiety, poverty, drug addiction, mental illness, self loathing and radical bouts of venereal disease if one is to be taken seriously. It’s one of the main reasons I’ve never aspired to be a truly great artist. How can I be when muffins make me happy? Don’t get me wrong, some of my favourite artists of all time have been insane depressed junkies, it’s just that some of my other favourite artists of all time have been happy-go-lucky life loving vegans. The question is, can you really create a masterpiece without suffering for your art? We’re gonna try it out today.




Click to SURFING WORLD for how to paint a gothic masterpiece with the lord Ozzie Wright






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