How to Break Into the Snowboard Industry | w/ 686 TM Patrick McCarthy


If a snowboarders dream is to board professionally for a few years, film some banger parts for Mack Dawg Productions and Think Thank, then only hang the boots half-up and continue working in the industry for one of their long term sponsors, well then ladies and gentleman Patrick McCarthy aka Sarge is living the dream. 

As Team Manager (+ more) for 686 he still gets to spend nearly 100 days a year on snow, mostly around his home of Mt. Baker all in the name of work. We should all be so lucky. Now we can be because the Sarge is giving up all his secrets.



When did you realize you wanted to work in the industry?

When I turned 30, the wear and tear of snowboarding on my body started to become evident. I wanted to use the skills and industry connections I had gained during my time snowboarding to do something productive and hopefully give back for the 10 years I had as a pro. It was the perfect time for me to move into doing something in the industry. 686 had been my most loyal sponsor; I loved my relationship with the owner Michael Akira West as well as all of the employees at that time. It really feels like a big family and it has worked out well. I love being a mouthpiece for the brand, still being able to spend plenty of time on snow.

How did you go about making this a reality?

I just tried to take time to really learn what I could do to be as effective as possible as an employee. I looked to not spend all my time in the mountains but to split my time between working in the office and getting turns on the mountain. From there, I made an effort to figure out ways to better lead the team, to be more of an asset to the brand while learning a lot of different sides to what really makes the wheels turn for 686.



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