How the World’s Most Creative Freesurfer Still Goes Hard into his 40’s | Long live Ozzie Wright


We’ll be honest, the Occ-Cast has never really done anything for us. Usually kinda boring, a bit too much of a Billabong commercial. Maybe when Occy was more on the teeth grinding program it woulda been a bit more unhinged. Some might even say he was a dick.

But guesting this week is the most influential active surfer Ozzie Wright aka Ozzy Wrong. Surfer, artist, family man, rock star… the list goes on. When it comes to age-ism in surfing everyone always brings up Kelly Slater. Still murking fools half his age and in great shape. Good on him, Kelly is the king. Buttttt….. was he ever really “cool”? Maybe at some point. But Ozzie is a whole different story. Not only has he been the coolest surfer for like 20-years plus, he still is. Instead of fading into irrelevance he is almost more relevant now and the one surfer that the shithead cool kids look to for inspiration. And as Ozzy ages he shows zero signs of bitterness like most grumpy surfers. Maybe that is a feat just as great as Kelly Slater? Different strokes. We can’t get enough of Ozzie either way.


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