How NIKE SB Bought Skateboarding: A Case Study w/ the ‘Don’t Do It Foundation’


When you lay it all out on paper it really doesn’t make any sense. How did one of the largest global brands swoop in and absolutely takeover skateboarding? A culture that see’s itself as un-buyable and not so much a sport as a lifestyle that is impenetrable to non-skater owned brands. Nike SB did it and it’s still hard to believe. And they did do it. It took a few tries, a couple large missteps, but Nike has been a dominant force in all levels of the skateboard industry for years now. And worst of all, depending on how you look at it, they broke down the barrier for other corporate giants to get their greedy little paws in there without much pushback.

So you get angry!!! But then you look at the team and the way they treat them (allegedly making Stefan Janoski the richest man in the entire universe!), skaters finally making real money, skaters being kept on a team and paid $$$ years after any other brand would have been forced to cut them, more money being poured events and sponsorships, creating really cool ads, and the people they hire are for the most part from the skateboard world and are very happy with their employer. And then you try the product and it’s game over. The shoes really are amazing. So it really is a tough situation. This is not a shit all over Nike story, just a discussion.

Anyway we’re ranting. We are big fans of Nike product and many of the things they do, but also see the evil flip side and the bad effects it is having on the skateboarding industry as a whole. Is Nike the mafia? Does that make you like them more or less?

Let’s not get into all that here though. What a Predicament is a podcast from New Zealand that just popped up on our radar. This is a great discussion with the Don’t Do It Foundation, which at the time seemed like total overkill and sour grapes. Looking back now, who knows? But we’ll still be wearing our Janoski’s in the park tomorrow morning so we’re just gonna shut up now….


Click to WHAT A PREDICAMENT for more on How Nike Bought Skateboarding + more podcasts.




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