jeremy jones alaska olympics racing retro

It’s always cool to see where the best snowboarders came from. It’s no surprise that some of the best halfpipe riders as well as backcountry riders started with racing backgrounds. Learn how to use those edges and all sorts of doors will open for you. It’s all about board control. Jeremy Jones took after Terje Haakonsen and was into racing before getting into the higher, deeper, steeper stuff…

“In case you didn’t know this already, Jeremy Jones started out as a little racer kid with high hopes for one day making it to the Olympics. When his older brothers, Todd and Steve, bought cameras and started to film, Jeremy was naturally their primary subject.

They convinced Jeremy he needed to go check out Alaska. Jeremy was like ‘sure, why not’ and proceeded to go, and immediately tick off some of the most classic lines at the time. Classic Jer.”


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