Introducing the real Chas Smith and Derek Rielly getting future classic at their premiere visit to Kelly Slaters Wave Co Surf Ranch


Ah the ol’ story of print in general and surf media print magazines specifically. They are dead. No it’s true and we too are sad since we used to make our own. But besides collectable high quality coffee table books, it really has no function in weekly life. The Internet on the other hand is still the Wild West and every day it continues to blow minds. Who knows what surf websites will look like in a years time. One of the best doing it right now is BeachGrit. Love them or hate them, their main hosts Chas Smith and Derek Rielly guarantee to entertain.

Here is a little tale on how it all came to be straight from the mouth of one of the horses.



“I remembered how fast digital photography had killed film. And not just the process, but the sudden obsolescence of all the people involved, from specialists who’d scan the film images on expensive machines to the pre-press division within each magazine that was needed to make the whole thing print ready.

Meanwhile, I watched the traffic of Stab online begin to soar. A story I wrote immediately after Andy Irons’ death took traffic beyond 10,000 sessions in a day for the first time.

I began to tire of print.

Of the long lead time between writing a story and seeing it designed (I’d keep looking over the shoulder of the designer to see if he’d opened the Word file yet. Usually it took a week or more for him to get to it), to getting it proofed, having it printed, and arriving in magazine form. There was that small fritz of excitement of holding the magazine for the first time although there was rarely any feedback, good or bad, except for the time Chas Smith was called “a fucking Jew” by Mick Fanning. We printed the exchange and the magazine lost a quarter of a million dollars in yearly ad revenue.

Worse, everything inside the magazine was so old. Sometimes two months had passed between interview and publication.”



Click to BEACHGRIT to read how the surf media moguls got their start + took over the Internet



Soon, children all over the world will ride Kelly's magical wave! It's enchanting and lovely! @surfroast

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