Snowboarding and skateboarding have more in common than we may think looking at the outside. Sure snowboarding was birthed from and bites nearly everything in skate, but did you know that – at one point at least – the cash money in the shred world was keeping certain skate brands afloat. Then when a bad snow year tanked the industry Jamie Thomas and Chad Muska got all their monies withheld. The company was C1rca, which had one of the heaviest hitting teams at the team and it was owned by the same owners as Forum and Special Blend. If my memory serves correct this was Raul Ries and Markus Bohi perhaps? The brands were so big at the time and gave out such big credit and extended terms that combined with a bad snow year and the global economic woes nearly sank the companies. They weren’t prepared for it so didn’t do another round of investing so basically had to stop paying everyone in order to survive. Jamie and Muska were being paid big time, so were fine for a bit, but then they were expected to not get paid for a long period of time. The boys were being offered any upside to financing the companies by not getting paid. Jamie ended up going to a lawyer after a few months to sort it all out. Originally they were supposed to be creating a secondary spin-off skate brands, like a Jordan Brand for Jamie Thomas, but this was only if things were successful. The “ultimate carrot” as Jamie puts it drove him to skate hard for himself and Zero in order to make a 50/50 split shoe brand happen for himself.

Long winded story short, the shitty snowboard industry screwed over Jamie Thomas and other skateboarders involved in C1rca. Then he kinda screwed over himself (only monetarily we’re talking) by not selling Fallen for DC for millions and millions and now he’s feeding the family just fine, but not ‘fuck you’ rich. Listen to it all from The Bunt above.  Always interesting to hear from The Chief who pours his heart and soul into this one.


The rundown:

1. Jamie Thomas Interview
2. First Big Break (11:23)
3. Inspiration Behind Zero (12:52)
4. Picking Favorites (16:04)
5. Behind The Circa Drama (19:02)
6. Regrets On Not Selling (33:57)
7. Permission To Shred (40:13)
8. Canadian Love (46:31)
9. Coming & Going (52:36)
10. Crying In Paris (55:55)
11. Tancowny Situation (1:03:52)
12. The Stray Footwear (1:11:05)
13. Podcast Game (1:15:45)
14. John Allie Sightings (1:20:25)
15. What’s Next (1:27:45)
16. Rapid Fire W/ Da Ghost (1:30:47)
17. Post Office (1:38:02)
18. Rundown(1:55:12)









Tomorrow, the chief @jamiethomas is in the building 😤!

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