If you read the speculative article posted this morning regarding the future changes of the long running High Cascade Snowboard Camp. While HCSC won’t be continuing the same as it has been, it sounds like everything at Windells and HCSC (same company) is changing to a new – better – blank canvas.

Owner Kevin English has clarified a few things as well as offered up a touching personal note. It’s a little bit cryptic as to exact details, but this gives a better sense of all the #RIPHighCascade Insta posts. More of a ‘See you later when you’re different and more mature,’ than a true ‘Rest In Peace.’



1.) High Cascade Snowboard Camp continues on.  This place is cared for by too many to end.
2.) Next summer, our youth campers will stay on our private 28-acre academy campus 20 minutes away in Welches.
3.) Formerly the Windells Academy, the name of the Academy will be transformed over the next school year into the Cascade Mountain Academy to better reflect the quality of its education, athletics, creativity, and community oriented school programming.  It will also serve as a better blank canvas for HCSC campers to feel at home.
4.) We will be investing heavily in that campus with upgraded and new housing, new activity zones, new road sign with the academy and HCSC logos proudly displayed, and some new skate features.  More to come on this throughout the year.
5.) HCSC Adult Campers (21+) will continue to stay in Government Camp with adult-only skateboarding, trampoline, foam pit and other activity sessions on the campus in Welches.
6.) HCSC will still have the famed Lodge in Government Camp!  We are currently working through the details with the owner of the property.  More to come this fall.



Here is Kevin’s words to all the real snowboarders out there:


“On a personal note, I completely understand why so many people are emotional about this change.  I have been with HCSC since 1999 as counselor, coach, head coach, and ultimately an owner when we bought it from Vans.  Our hearts are in this.  We can’t control the overall market changes in snowboarding but we can control how we survive, and we will.  We will continue to provide kids and adults and our staff with some of the most memorable and valuable times in their lives.  We are snowboarders and High Cascade will endure.”    – Kevin English



Click to GRIND TV aka TWS BIZ for more on High Cascade + Windell’s further consolidation from Annie Fast.



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