Hawaiian born, but California lurking for ages skateboarder Ryan Spencer has been making some waves outside the ocean lately. Thrasher just released his new part and interview. Ryan talks about watching surf videos in the car, checking thrasher.com before stab.com every morning, other skaters who surf, how Long Beach would be overrun with kooks if there were waves, as well as posing nude for Deanna Templeton!


I’ve looked over and caught you watching surf videos in the car on numerous occasions while we are out skating. What do you think you watch more of these days, surfing or skating?
I watch both but I think with skating and especially trying to skate at a professional level the past few years I have flooded my brain with so much crazy skateboarding footage on a daily basis that at this point it might be doing more harm than good. I always just felt obligated to watch every little thing that came out, even knowing going into it if it would be something I wouldn’t be into. I still watch a lot of skate videos but I am just a little pickier lately.


Click over to THRASHER for the full Ryan Spencer interview and his new part.


👉🏽 @arespence's part in @foundationskateboards #OddityVideo is LIVE. Link in profile ✔

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