Social media is responsible for many things both positive and negative since it took over the world of not just action sports, but the world in general. One of them being that everyone is a photographer and filmer now. So is it still possible to make a living off being a snowboard filmmaker and producer?

Well Ryan Scardigli – filmer to the BYND MDLS crew and more – has some tips, insight, and advice.



How did filming & producing in snowboarding change through social media & Youtube?
I think social media drastically changed the way people consume content. Whether it be snowboard videos or news, people expect it to be readily available to them on their phones and they want it to be fresh and engaging. Some people see this as a negative, but I think if you are willing to adapt and create something special, people will still engage and watch. 

Think about a young aspiring filmmaker, what are your recommendations for a professional career?
My advise for aspiring filmmakers would be to shoot as much as possible with your friends and work on your editing skills. The one thing I see more than anything with new editors is leaving in more than is necessary. Try to look at your videos from an outside perspective and ask yourself, “Is this helping my video? Is this important?”. Especially if you are going to post your videos on social media, cut out anything that doesn’t add value. 



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