There ain’t no one in snowboarding keeping it more real than Halldor Helgason. He not only does whatever he wants, he pretty much owns all of the brands he rides for and does whatever the fuck he wants with those as well. True G. Always an entertaining interview as well.



You got injured last year but now are back on board, how do you recover from injuries and do you find it tough to be not snowboarding?

I used to not do any rehab and just used to chill and party pretty much when I got injured, but I’ve learned now that rehabbing actually helps a lot hehe, especially when your getting old and destroyed like me. After my last injury – which was at Superpark 20 – I broke my ankle really bad, a small bone called the Talus, I had to rehab pretty much every day for four months to get it back to normal. Overall it was eight months until I could snowboard again, now in the future when I get injured I am going to be on it with the rehab.

As much as I hate injuries I do kinda like them, my experience has always been that I feel like I get more appreciation for snowboarding and I come back even stronger and with new inspiration because I think of snowboarding constantly while I’m injured, so I feel like I’ve learned new tricks just by thinking about them for months sometimes.


You are the founder of Lobster snowboards, 7-9-13, Switchback bindings and are also the founder of Atrip. How are the businesses going and what can we expect in the future?

It’s snowboarding, so it’s definitely not the easiest business, haha, but we try our best and have a good time while doing it and as long as we don’t go minus we are happy. It’s kinda hard to be all in on snowboarding and doing all these companies as well, but luckily we have an awesome crew that helps us make it happen. What you can expect from our companies in the future is that we are just going to keep it going and try and give back to snowboarding as much as we can.



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