The Not Snowboarding Podcast is back again this time with Icelandic wild boy Halldór Helgason aka Captain Harold. This is on the follow-up to their podcast with his older brother Eiki Helgason, who is also a wild and talented snowboarder. The two of them together now live in Monaco because it was just too damn expensive tax-wise to run their salaries and snowboard brands through their hometown of Iceland.

This podcast is full of gems as Halldór is one of the realest snowboarders to ever do it. Never one to take his riding to serious, always having the most fun, yet still pushing the progression of snowboarding. He is the byproduct of the vision older crews like the Whiskey guys, or The Wildcats for ‘professional’ snowboarding. Fast and loose! On top of all his riding Halldór and his brother Eiki run multiple brands like Lobster snowboards, Atrip, Switch bindings, and more, yet make sure to not spend too much time on the business side as they are snowboarders, not business men.

Also of note is getting Halldór’s first person account of being Nike Snowboardings main dude and how their whole foray into snowboarding worked. He admit’s to ‘selling out’ but also that it was a great opportunity and paved the way for him and Eiki to start up Lobster.

Anyway, Halldor’s creepy mustache is finally gone, so listen up to his The Not Snowboarding Podcast.


Here is their rundown:

“In the discussion with Halldor – we get into his alter ego, his new clothing company, Atrip apparel, his thoughts on Nike and his new video project that will be airing on YouTube at the end of October. Halldor, as you may know from his alter ego (Captain Harold) – very much has two sides, there’s the fun loving creative snowboarder that likes to keep it loose and there’s the party animal that like to push boundaries for a laugh. That said -a little bit of the conversaion toes into some pretty crazy territory- be forewarned!”

This episode covers the following topics:

Captain Harold
Party Boats
Europe vs. US street snowboarding
Snowboarding street in Japan
The Special Interest Club Atrip
Building Atrip
Lobster graphics
TKO at the X-games and the recovery
Snowboarding while recovering from a major concussion
Looking up to Eiki
Sage Kotsenburg
Naked Snowboarding
7/9/13 Thongs
Free Air Guitars
Advice to Hallódor’s 18 year old self
Catching wild cats on the farm
Thoughts on contest riding
Bird Bath Nuts
A2M birthday party



Here are some of the fire quotes from the episode:

“I’m only Captain Harold when I’m drunk.”
“You can’t go too classy, you have to keep it real.” 
“I actually just shaved my mustache off – after two years. It feels so disgusting without it.” 
“I barely knew what X-games was when I did it.” 
“Why do you want me on the team? I am not a serious person, I am not a contest person… What is going to happen in four years who my contract is up and you guys (Nike) decided to get out of snowboarding again?” 
“If we don’t go minus (in sales and money) we’re pumped!” 
“The hard thing with snowboarding is that it’s a pretty high class thing to do and that’s not even buying the ticket for like 100 bucks.” 
“Wanted my first triple to be a triple back flip while jerking off in the air.” 
“When I was filming all the pow for my Never Not part… I was like not able to focus on the jump (Because of the head injury).” 
“I was actually really happy when I heard that (I broke an ankle at SuperPark), cause I usually get knocked out or tear a ligament or something that takes forever.” 
“We’re Europeans – we’re not afraid to be naked.” 
“Without Nike I would never of and the chance to make Lobster.” 
“I’m not a business guy at all and I don’t want to be. My main focus is snowboarding.” 
“I never want to be serious in my snowboarding – it’s only snowboarding.” 
“Eiki has been my biggest inspiration…. It’s pretty much all thanks to him that I’m able to do what I do.” 
“The Helgason balls are famous for being lazy – mad loose.” 
“You know how it is with your friends, it always levels up.” 


Check out Halldor’s full NoToBo from the top shelf production team Sexual Snowboarding.


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