There aren’t many photographers out there more inspiring than Cole Barash. What makes his work even more cool is that it is born from snowboarding and then surfing and that aesthetic breaths through it.

Whether he is picking up on the nuances of small towns or spending weeks living and documenting surf icons like John John Florence or Craig Anderson or calling out “Instagram Pros” for not using their voice for the greater good, Cole is always up to some thing creative and pushing the boundaries.



“Cole Barash lives in the What Youth family tree. Originally a snowboard photographer, Cole’s work has since evolved way beyond any board sport. His attention to the “off moments” of snowboarding, coupled with his very successful “Shiloh Series” — the use of a 20’ x 20’ backdrop to shoot a series of backlit action photos that completely separeated the rider and the obstacle from the background — steered him toward the best crews of people. He shot over 30 covers and countless ads. But it was his distaste for the industry that pushed him to move on. We first worked with Cole when he tagged along on our Nti Sheeto film project, as well as the Scandinavia adventure, New Scenery, New Noise, as well as publishing his incredible Six Girls, Six Cities in Issue 7. He’s since published photography books and zines on John John Florence, Craig Anderson and pursued a variety of interesting personal projects you’ll hear about in the above Afternoon Interview, this was shot on location by Michael Cukr at his studio on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.”



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