Gigi According To Gigi: How humble beginnings shaped one of the best snowboarders ever | “I don’t care, I catch air.”


Gigi Rüf is one of the best to ever do it. A true stylish, snowboarding fanatic. Listening back to the early grom days of the greats is always a treat.



I am who I am. Can’t change that. I believe in my snowboarding and my experience with it. Probably, I am quite a fanatic.


I am so thankful to really have found something to shape my identity.

The best memory I had from snowboarding comes from when I first rode to school one morning. We got up earlier so we would have enough time to not get to school too late. We strapped in when it was dawn and we rode down the hill, having to jump down the small stonewall drops with barbed wire. Pretty much that was my first freeriding ever. The excitement of riding it with soft bindings was such a different experience—I think it resulted in the first high five with my brother and a cool story to tell my friends in school.

I took it further and also wore the baggy clothes and flannels. That’s how much my mother supported us, not forbidding anything because we were passionately living it.


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