Wade Gravy has been a man on fire lately. His words are falling from the sky and landing on sites like STAB and Red Bull. But don’t call him a surf writer. Oh no. He is a most professional social media debater. Don’t believe? Just try him out on any topic on;

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Best of luck.

Oh yeah he wrote about Mikey Wright whose surfing we adore, but we could never tell if his look was manufactured as a marketing gimmick by Quiksilver to prevent from further stock share slides or if it’s legit.



Are you going to bring the mongrel back?

Aww I dunno, I’ll try to. I’m just gunna be myself, I don’t wanna change for no one. I don’t want to be any different.

You’ve got a bit of a different profile to your famous siblings, they seem so clean cut, professional. But you got this Mikey the Mongrel persona. Where did that come from?

Probably my years when I wasn’t surfing? Yeah, that’s all I’m going to say, probably my years when I wasn’t surfing. Since I was a kid I’ve always done my own thing, like, kinda stirred the pot and caused trouble, but [the mongrel image] was definitely from my years when I wasn’t surfing, or when I wasn’t competing anyway.

Well, what were you expecting? Did you want Mikey to bite the head off a budgerigar mid-interview?

To tell me to get fucked?

Mikey’s not the sum of the public’s expectation, he’s just a young man from the sticks, born into a surfing dynasty of sorts, who now finds himself in a pretty extraordinary situation.

Mikey Wright might still be a bit of a mongrel, you may see him as a maddog, but for now, he’s just a fella with a couple of wildcards up his sleeve who’s taking things seriously.



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