Our good friend Gabby Maiden was a Nikita sponsored snowboarder back in the day and is now appearing on season 2 of the straight-to-cult-classic Stranger Things. Hell yeah Gabby! Cheers to many more good times at Dolly.

Yobeat – the lords of the snowboarding Internet – got her on the FT to discuss snowboarding, Iceland, famous family, and much more.


So I, and hopefully everyone reading this, saw you in the new season of Stranger Things… I was hyped, like, “Holy shit! I know her!”

I know, it’s so weird, but so cool. The snow world is kind of what got me inspired and made me comfortable enough to start acting again in the first place. I was very shy when I was a kid – but since I was 5 years old, I’ve wanted to be an actress. I tried to pursue it back then, but it wasn’t really working. So I was like, ok, I’m gonna give myself some more time and work on some other activities to build confidence. I did almost every sport, but in high school, snowboarding was my newfound passion. That finally started to help me break out of my shell and is what inspired me to move to Bear a little after I graduated high school. If it wasn’t for snowboarding and riding for such amazing companies, getting to travel around the world, be open and meet people, who knows. I’m thankful, it helped me come back into acting. I’m in my element now, thanks to throwing myself down stairs and rails. (laughs) It definitely put some tough skin on me.



Click to YOBEAT for the Hump Day interview with former pro snowboarder Gabby Maiden about appearing on Stranger Things






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