Remember Jed Anderson? The most influential snowboarder in the world only a few short seasons ago is now sponsorless and living in Toronto as a skateboarding artist of sorts. Is he over it? Planning a comeback after Nike went down and Salomon dropped him? Hopefully…



After the release of “Crazy Loco” Anderson reunited with the crew at Videograss to begin filming for Visitors, VG’s 18-month project. Just before the video was to premiere at SIA in January of 2017 it was announced that Anderson had been dropped by Salomon. While Anderson had started diving into interests outside of snowboarding, the announcement was still shocking for many involved, including Anderson.

“I honestly don’t really know what happened,” Anderson tells TGR. “I think they felt that I wasn’t bringing enough to the table or that I just wasn’t a worthy investment for them anymore. It sucked and I was pretty hurt with their decision.”

Anderson is now living in Toronto and is one of a handful of top tier pros without major sponsorship. He could very well be the most influential professional snowboarder on the planet without significant backing. 

It almost seems unfathomable that he wouldn’t be supported by one of the major snowboard brands. His riding over the past decade has been nothing short of transcendent. To allow someone with not only the talent, but also the magnetic personality and creative vision of someone like Anderson to drift into obscurity would be tragic for our both our industry and our culture.



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