Is Beach Grit not the great thing in surf right now? I believe so partly because I write for them, but also because of Derek Rielly. He was interviewed some time back by Banks (even though his clothing selections run more towards Comme des Garçons) and somehow I missed it, but now you must read because the words of a surf writer are ALWAYS more entertaining than those of a surfer surfer.

In this short-ish interview he tells almost all, but what I really want to know is how he feels after ridding himself of STAB ownership, then seeing them bought soon after for $millions upon $millions, and now to see their parent company Surfstitch lose over $500-million in one week and even more since. Derek???

“If you really want me to be frank, I don’t think of myself as a writer, more an editor who can assemble what I hope is an Evelyn Waugh-Huysmans-Tom Wolfe-sque paragraph or two. Here’s a little trip down memory lane. I had to write an advice column for ASL and, suddenly, the old Oscar Wilde quote, “Nothing Succeeds Like Excess” hit me and I wrote as if nothing mattered.”

Read the BANKS JOURNAL full talk w/ Derek Rielly of Beach Grit here.


Derek-Rielly surf journalist beach grit working at desk


For more on Derek Rielly check out this interview he did with Nouvelle Vague where he once again rants about his dreams of print dying out.