Fridtjof Sæther Tischendorf aka Fridge is the snowboarder we are most siked to watch ride the board right now. His style is just wild and creative enough to reveal his loose personality that isn’t all robotic like many other of the best right now.

Fridge has the blessing of Halldor, one of our other number 1’s, and just released a full 2016/17 part plus an interview with Pyramid.



A lot of people have said that you are the man to watch right now, does this put pressure on you to ride better?
No not really, the only pressure I have is the one I put on myself. I always try to ride better, not because everyone else wants me to, because I like to get better.

What is it about your riding that people like to see?
Well I feel like you would have to ask the people to know that, but growing up when I would watch snowboard contests like The Air and Style, it would look more like a show then a contest, because everyone was just super hyped throwing down whatever they felt like doing. I still feel like snowboarding should be more a show than a contest and I try my best to show that I guess. I hope people like that I’m loose and maybe a little bit different, if not I don’t know what I’m doing.


Click to PYRAMID MAGAZINE for the full interview w/ Fridge.




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