Is Boil The Ocean the greatest skateboard website out right now? It is certainly up there. Any website that doesn’t give a shit enough to have an Instagram gets major points. But the writing, making us question the sanity of our own existence just by reviewing Lakai’s new skateboard movie. The Flare? Is that the name? Anyway this sentence is fabulous….


“What would you say if some time-mastering pixie had whispered ten years ago that Lakai would require the vision of a Mattel toy company exec to navigate the wiles of a marketplace commanded by Nike and Adidas? Could a mere humanoid imagination conjure a world in which Jake Phelps is a recognized television personality, Dr. Dre works for Apple and apologizes for his gangsta past, a new Star Wars movie comes out every year, Gucci Mane lives a life of domestic sobriety, and former reality TV game show host Donald Trump leads the free world?”


Click over to BOIL THE OCEAN for the full review of The Flare.



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