Remember reading the in-depth story behind your favorite skateboard critic’s Instagram account Ted Barrow aka Feedback_ts? In these profiles we learned he is a well-educated art critic and not just an Instagram’er that dishes out critical analysis on the daily. Well he is also ALSO known as Theodore Barrow when he writes for The New York Times skateboarding magazine. In this article Theodore explored the

Eternal Youth in Tompkins Square Park as photographer Daniel Weiss discovers versions of his teenage self in the East Village of Manhattan “Training Facility.” It’s a great read. 



“Anyone who has used Ninth Street to cross Tompkins Square Park has seen the skateboarders who occupy its northeast corner. Many of them call it the T.F. Others call it Thompson’s. T.F. stands for “training facility” (though very little official training takes place here), and Thompson’s comes out of a phonetic misunderstanding that comes from knowing a place verbally, rather than on a map.

Like all great New York City skate spots, Tompkins Square Park offers little more than flat ground and a place to be seen. Manhattan is a concrete island, completely skateable, so why here?”



Click to THE NEW YORK TIMES SKATEBOARDING for more words from master skate critic Theodore Barrow and images from Daniel Weiss.





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