Podcasts are all the rage these days and no one is doing it better in snowboarding than The Not Snowboarding Podcast crew – AJ and Nate. They even shred! Can’t mention them without saying that the best to ever do it on the skate side are the Toronto boys behind The Bunt Live skateboard podcast. Crushing.

Anyway the latest TNSP #50 features Eero Ettala:

“Eero is  someone that choose to carve his own path in snowboarding (pardon the pun), by branching out on his own projects such as his tv show tracking Eero or his web series cooking with gas. From our discussion with Eero, I can tell that he’s calculated, organized and a planner – the process that he describes going through for each trick at street spot was eye opening to me! It’s a very time consuming, focused methodology, I don’t want to ruin it, but I’ll just say that he does not pull up to a spot, shovel some snow and decide what to do.
Eero tells us about cycling 100 miles a day for seven days in a row, the state of his knee injuries, his favorite junk food. We also get into why Eero’s backing the preferred swimming attire of the European Union.”
Here are a couple sweet quotes from the video part producing legend:
“The older I get the more summer I need.”
“I’m the most proud of video parts, people always think X-games, but video parts are like five months of work.”
“I always need to have a solid plan – I can’t go to a spot and decide what to do at the spot…. I have to go there before and visualize it before I go do it.”
“The riskier and bigger the tricks are – the easier they are to get because you have to send it.”


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