Dylan Rieder Once Again Influenced Global Fashion Industry Trends | Swankfuck circa 2014 hitting runways now


Dylan Rieder is proved once again to be the most influential people to ever ride a skateboard. One of the only guys who could start a global fashion trend just by getting dressed in the morning and looking naturally cool. The New York Times put up a fashion article about the trend sweeping fashion right now: tucked in t-shirts. Though many did it before, Dylan got a little cred for being the one to kick it off years ago.



The photographer Adam Katz Sinding first noticed men tucking in their T-shirts while shooting street style during fashion week in Moscow a few seasons back. Then he saw it in London. And then Copenhagen. During the men’s shows last month in Europe, he said the look was as likely to be seen on the runways as in the streets.

“I think it’s derivative of this Gosha Rubchinskiy look,” Mr. Sinding said, referring to the Russian men’s wear designer. “It’s the appropriation of bad style. But on cool people, it makes it cool, somehow.”


Andrew Luecke, a co-author of the recent book “Cool: Style, Sound, and Subversion,” sees other antecedents. “It has to do with fashion’s interaction with skaters,” he said. “Those Supreme boys, like Sean Pablo and Dylan Rieder.”



Click to THE NEW YORK TIMES for more on the tucked in t-shirt trend started by Dylan Rieder.




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