PJ Gustafsson is a real ass snowboarder with some real ass views on its culture. He opened up to Sequence Magazine in a dope interview that gets down to the core of it all.



What do you think of snowboarding in 2018? Do you think global warming and market slump helped at least it to get back closer to its roots?

Snowboarding will always be what you want it to be. Most part of the industry is pretty fucked up and so is the whole ”WC/Olympics/X-Games/Dew Tour whatever the fuck they call it contest scene” if you ask me. But it is up to each one of us to take snowboarding in the direction we want it to. If you don’t like  snowboarding as a sport or ”action sport” then don’t do it for anyone else except for yourself. Don’t do contests and don’t snowboard only to produce videos and videoclips for your instagram to get more likes, views and followers. Don’t snowboard to win or to become something and/or to get attention from others. Snowboard because you love it and do it for you and no one else.
If you don’t like the corporate side of snowboarding then don’t support the big corporate brands and shops. Don’t buy their products and don’t use their products. Don’t go to their events and contests etc. It’s very simple. It’s all about our own choices. Don’t follow trends.
The more corporate the biggest part of snowboarding becomes, the stronger the other part grows and more and more snowboarders will go back towards the roots.
It’s all about what you want it to be and how you look at it. I don’t think the climate changes has as much to do with how fucked up the snowboard business is today, as it has to do with way too many snowboarders supporting big corporate brands and shops instead of supporting local shops and riderowned brands. It’s our own fault that the industry is fucked. There’s no need to blame it on global warming I think.


His views on Social Media are all time as well:

What’s your position about social media? Are they damaging the snowboard scene or on contrary they’re the most democratic way of expression?

I hate it! Snowboarding shouldn’t be about getting likes and views on instagram. Some kids won’t even ride unless someone can come along and film them so they can post it on instagram. Its crazy. Also since there are so fucking much that is fake out there. People buy likes, views and followers just to look good and more popular than they are. Getting likes, views and followers seems to be more important than actually snowboarding. Snowboarding to become Instagram famous Hahaha…It’s just bullshit! No one hardly reads any more…There isn’t a lot of good snowboard magazines and websites around any longer and I think alot of it has to do with people being too busy with instagram.



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