Big week for the media showcasing the good things Burton snowboards has been doing for our culture since day one. A few days back we had Guy Raz from NPR‘s ‘How I Built This’ sit down with Jake Burton Carpenter and get the whole history there and now we have TWS alum Annie Fast writing about Donna Carpenter and all the support she’s given to women in snowboarding through the leadership initiative.



“A privately owned company with more than 800 employees globally, Jake Burton Carpenter, Donna’s husband, founded Burton Snowboards in 1977. It’s recognized industry-wide as a pioneering brand in the relatively young sport of snowboarding, which began in the mid-60s with the bindingless Snurfer board. Since the early days as a co-owner, Donna has been an integral part of the company, contributing to the worldwide growth of the sport, as well as advocating for women through Burton’s Women’s Leadership Initiative, an internal effort led by Donna to raise up women in the workplace.”



Click to REI to read the feature on Donna Carpenter and the women initiative in snowboarding





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