The Sean Pablo phenomenon. Do you get it? Like really “get” it? The euros weren’t so sure, but they are now believers. Here’s the breakdown.



A few years ago Sean Pablo got the cover of our European magazine. He was the first American to get it and it was his first ever cover: it kind of felt like a big deal. Someone that was there when he got his hands on a copy later told me that he was stoked, but a bit disappointed that his first one wasn’t on an American mag. I remember thinking ‘how spoilt can you be? What’s he ever done other than those 5 tricks in Cherry? He’s lucky to be getting photos in any magazine!’ Basically I didn’t really ‘get’ Sean Pablo, and for a long time it stayed that way.

Now if you’re reading this it’s obviously that my opinion of the young man (and his skating) is now very different and this is mainly due to two specific events. The first was Sean’s one man demo at Canada Water before the Purple premiere. We all know how hard doing any kind of skateboarding is on straight-off-the-plane jelly legs, so think that but back to back long distance flights, a completely fucked up body clock and having to do it in front of a million people when nobody else on the team is skating. Yep pretty brave, and not quite in line with the word ‘spoilt’ I was so quick to associate to him. Yet for some reason, still, I had my reservations.

The other is meeting him in New York last weekend and being reminded that when Cherrycame out he was 16. Going from being virtually unknown and never having put out a proper part, to being in a video with Dylan Rieder and Alex Olson that will be dissected and analysed by generation after generation of people that share the same passion as you is quite gnarly. I know whatever you do in skating makes you feel like you’re being looked at through a microscope but you have to admit being in the first Supreme video takes that to a whole new level. Interestingly though, Sean somehow managed to stay completely oblivious to all this…

‘I was so young and it was such a dream come true to be in a video with Dill and Gonz that I didn’t care or even really think about if people didn’t like my skating. How many people can say their childhood dream actually came true like that? That’s all that mattered to me.’




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