DIY skate parks are known for their rather shiesty art. Typically it’s crudely scrawled graffiti in grade school cuss words. Not so for the Dinero DIY skate park in Malaga, Spain that was masterminded by Lev Mclean and Eve Arslett. It is home to such sweet obstacles as the Mona Lisa kicker, the Louis Vuitton ledge, and many more both high and low end.



Once they cleared the debris, they set to bringing their hand painted ideas to life. “When we built our first obstacle—the money pile—we had some problems with the mix, but since then we have perfected our technique,” Lev said.

They start each piece by sketching the idea and figuring out how to create a mold for it. Considering the molds are unorthodox for skate obstacles, like a champagne bottle or motorized scooter, before pouring cement they have to skate proof the designs and make sure they won’t break apart when they’re bashed and grinded on.

Over time they created dozens of “high class” inspired skateable art pieces such as a Louis Vuitton suitcase ledge, a desert eagle wallie, and a Cadillac with a windshield that won’t break when you grind it.




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